Exhibition: wanting to know – knowing to want

Exhibition: wanting to know – knowing to want

Centro Cultural Manuel Benito Moliner (Antiguo Matadero), Huesca
Individual exhibition
Festival Periferias
19th october – 18th november 2018


“Wanting to know – knowing to want” is the title of the exhibition by Huesca-based artist Ana Escar, which reflects upon the construction of identity and gender in a subtle but compelling way. Through her paintings (mainly acrylic) and collages, she has composed a plastic polyptych in which the use of colour is far from innocent and treats a wide and abstract range of questions evolving around gender, often not exempt of irony. The exhibition as a whole generates a cascade of sensations in the spectator, not only due to its strict and sublime pictorial value but also due to its rich and solid symbolic discourse.  

Luis Llés
Diario del Altoaragón



2018, Collage, Exhibition, Huesca, Painting