Those who give and those who don’t

Those who give and those who don’t

Exhition: ESPACIO AERRE (Bilbao)
15th September – 31st October


Ana Escar Puisac returns to our gallery with an exhibition of her latest work, which moves away from pure collage to working with paint in an expressionist, emotional way, using a palette of vibrant colours and a small format that reinforces the message she wants to put across. The starting point of the exhibition is the verb GIVE. If you give, you receive.
Giving away our time, regardless of the format or the amount. Ways of being who we are, of understanding the world, of wanting to relate to others.
It is formed by pieces in four series with different reflections.
The series “The importance of the important” talks about the scarce sense we have of the here and now. We live with our thoughts on the future, but we do not appreciate the moment as it is lived. Embracing, loving, drinking, eating, listening, speaking, thinking, wanting, laughing, feeling, seeing, travelling… everyday practices we are very seldom aware of.
The painting “I can’t see you, where are you?” is a piece of wordplay about people who go through life unnoticed, living for themselves alone without caring about what goes on next door.
“The newcomers” is the title of the piece that looks at the name you get when you go to live somewhere new.
And “Personal pronouns”, I, you, she, we, you, they. An echo of the individuality of each of us, even if we form part of a collectivity at the same time.





2018, Bilbao, Exhibition, Painting