Mixed media on wood
29 x 47 cm


                                                                               April 30, 1975


Dear Carmen,

help. I need it. From you….I want to find the small, slim, young girl with short black hair, sometimes in jeans, sometimes in a long black dress. If it’s you: write to me in whatever language. I should like to know you, start a dialogue with you.

Let me first identify myself: mostly in light-blue jeans, dark-blue sweat shirt, light-blue shirt jacket, always wearing a bag over my left shoulder, sometimes dark-blue pants, black leather jacket. Brown hair (actually too long), blue eyes (changing with moods), slim (discounting a few extra pounds), am German (in spite of writting in English), live in Frankfurt, work as a radio play director at the station there. Unmarried. Older than any of you. So this is actually a letter to three but meant for just one. Identical in content (boring if you compare copies – maybe you could help each other on the translation). I hope for your grace + even sense of humour not to be offended by this surprise. It took some effort to find out the room you shared from the waiter, then your names at the hotel reception + finally your full adresses from the travel agent. Please reward me for all this with at least some patience now + maybe an answer later. Stupid not to have taken any initiative while you were all here. Yet this is how people are: they veil their faces with expressions of seriousness or boredom + dare not give an inviting smile.

Well, on departure, you, the girl. I am trying to find, blew me a kiss from the bus, just as it passed me. Meaningless perhaps. Maybe just a silly gesture in the protection of a group. Maybe a helpless shrug, when everything was too late anyway. But the cheerful friendliness of it all nearly made me take a taxi to the airport: the adult in me won, unfortunately.

Fate -if there is suck a thing- needs our cooperation. People may complain about a lack of chances in their lives but never about not having used them properly: that in definitely their own responsability.

I sound dreadfully serious in this letter. Almost like a martyr of romance. Better come to an end quickly. I hope I have caused you no embarrassiment, particularly if the letter got into the wrong hands. Customs are different in Spain, I know. However, do me the favour not to measure + judge me by your standars. That would be unfair to my different origin + way of thinking. As far as I am concerned: to hell with the niceties of proper behaviour if something higher than form + virtual is at stake. If we always obeyed our inhibitions, we would eventually choke on our natural impulses. By the time you receive this letter I shall be back in Germany.

I ask each of you to inform the person I mean -in case the letter to her got lost- . Thank you for your help.
Hello to you all. No matter what happens: it was nice seeing you together.
One more to go.
Have a cramp in my hand.
Letter also goes to Crescencia + Consuelo

                                                                                                                                                                                     Horst H. Vollmer


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Collage, What is expected from us

2013, Artwork for sale, Collage, Huesca, Madera, What is expected from us, Wood