Süma / Album: Noble Nature

Süma / Album: Noble Nature

Disc by the band Süma
March 2018

Design: Frank Rudow

Can Pastallé is a 15th century farmhouse in the province of Barcelona where music and agriculture go hand in hand. There, far from the sound and fury of the city, Süma has created something that is much more than a simple debut album. Some discs are made to be listened to in their entirety, from start to finish and, if possible, without interruptions. Noble Nature is one of them. “It describes fleeting moments of light, flashes of perfection. Lives that may be short but which glow intensely, floating over the multitude with a certain spirit and aura,” say Laura Clark, Frank Rudow, Laura Räsänen and Pau Julià Vila, the multinational creators (a Scot, a German, a Finn and a Catalan) of an album full of beauty and mystery that lulls the ear and feeds the soul.

Gently simmered and recorded unhurriedly over several years, Noble Nature has a cyclical nature evident in every song. Organic instruments enter into dialogues with loops and electronic details to create a dazzling swarm of sounds, with vocals swimming among touches of electric guitar, piano, percussion and string arrangements. The very landscape around the studio finds its way into the sound, acting as an instrument in its own right. The listener hears storms, cicadas and other animals in the moments of silence, giving the whole album an organic and at the same time dreamlike quality, and creating a soundscape that defines the disc and situates the listener in a particular magical place. The textures and layers of the arrangements are enhanced with each listening, revealing a greater richness of sound every time.

Noble Nature is available in vinyl, CD and digital formats, and includes paintings by the Huesca-born artist Ana Escar Puisac. The pieces included belong to the series Secondary Roads (2017-2018).



2018, Süma, Vinyl disc